Platformer in 2D with fancy retro pixel art. Explore a leafy dungeon full of diamonds, treasures and traps!

Gamepad full recommended, but you can manage to play with your keyboard. Play the tutorial to learn the controls and game mechanics

Only the tutorial, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 are playable. The final version will have 10 levels to play and a lot of secrets to discover! Each level have 100 gems and a secret heart.

Under develpment since December 2018, updated every 5 days or less


Using this tileset from seinruhe

Inspired by wellout game, Celeste, Terraria and SMB

Install instructions

Just unzip and execute. Gamepad super recommended

You can play online, but the ZIP version have better perfomance.


Download 20 MB
Download 23 MB
Download 22 MB

Development log


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Solid game. Good job.


I'think this is the best indie game ever (I'am not a troll:)


I really liked playing this game, however, there are some aspects that I would have changed. For the collectibles, I found that gems weren't particularly interesting since we only collect them in order to complete the level at 100%, but compared to a collect-a-thon, in that case, I don't necessarily find it useful . I'd rather use something like the strawberries in celeste. I was also sometimes a bit frustrated with the checkpoints, they felt a bit weird. And finally, some obstacles felt a bit hard to overcome, although it's the beginning of the game. These are some minor aspects I didn't really like, but still, your game was actually really fun to play ! Thank you for your work ツツ.


Thanks for the feedback, there will be bonus levels after getting 100% gems, I will work doing more levels and balacing them. Thanks! :)


Fun and challenging diamond diving. :) What do we do with the diamonds though?


Thanks for that gameplay!! There will be bonus level after completing 100% each level.


9/10 el salto es muy complicado

Muchas gracias!! Todavía estoy diseñando los niveles y me cuesta un poco balancear la dificultad ^^


pretty fun game. good work. Definite a Celeste vibe going.

Yeah! thanks! I was super inspired by Celeste


Hello there I really enjoyed the game a lot. I am excited to give level 2 a play as well. Looking forward to when this is completely done. I included this game on my Indie Game Showcase wave 5. I am leaving a Gameplay Video of it here. 

Thanks! This is the first gameplay video for my game. Awesome. You have Level 2 to test if you want :)


I like your game. ^^


is it jsut me or does only the firsz level work?
after going through the door I am back to the main menu, and can only restart the first level

Only the tutorial and Level1 are playable. Im working on the rest of the levels and other stuff, I will update in a few days :)


lovely game , looks great and plays perfectly  , cant wait for more !


Love the sprite work and the mechanics are great. I personally really appreciate the lack of combat. Of course that means the exploration needs to be ramped way up and maybe add some puzzles and whatnot. Great first level, looking forward to seeing where you take it.

Thanks!! I added a macOS version, if you want to test it :)